Previously known as Zenith Computers Ltd, INOVUS Ltd is private limited company, established in 1999. Our task was to rebrand the company providing to the organisation a second life. We needed to create a more modern image of the latter.


Inovus was a full rebranding program. All their visual communications items were developed with the focus of inovation.

We’ve picked the orange and grey colour just to provide that feel of modernity, sophistication and strength.


The inovus website was made with usability in mind. A login area has been specially developped so that registered users can get acess to a reserved area.

Furthermore, we have developped various icons and layout style for this particular website. Learn more by visiting their site at


The corporate powerpoint presentation was design in a way to focus on what information was the most important.

A series of graph and different chart style were also pre-designed so as to make it easy while perfoming editing task on the presentation.

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Wrap Up

Inovus is a brand that is constantly inovating in the field of technology in Mauritius. It was a real challenge developing the brand and to keep a consitancy throughout the design process. We sincerely believe that the project was a sucess and that all goals has been achieved.

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